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Complex Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a safe and engaging environment for our students so that they can thrive in ways that will have a positive impact on their future lives. We aspire to enable students to communicate their wants and needs at their own level, and to value the things that bring these students joy to their lives. The curriculum is not subject-specific and is designed to enable and offer students experiences within the world around them, that supports social interaction and community access. Staff allow the pupils to explore and are led by the students in their exploration and play. We intend for families to play a big role in their child's development through school, and hope that they feel their voice is heard, and that the school is supportive of the families and the journey that they are on.

Curriculum Rationale

Teachers have worked collaboratively to identify the rationale for each segment of the curriculum. This is the foundations of the learning that we are working towards within this pathway. From here learning is personalised for individuals.

Within the weekly timetable, we focus our lessons on engagement, and progress is personalised for the individual student. This is mapped through progress towards EHCP targets, that again are personalised to the individual needs of the students. We aim to give students experiences that will enhance their lives, provide them with an opportunity to use their voice, and to positively engage with the world around them.