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British Values

The Uffculme Approach and the Promotion of British Values

The Uffculme approach underpins our work in promoting British Values

  • Personal skills, meaningful lives
  • Developing independence
  • Communication focus
  • Happiness
  • Personal curriculum
  • Supportive strategies and relationships
  • Outward-looking
  • Working with partners and the wider community
  • Life-long learning
  • Excellence in practice
  • Democracy

Our young people are given a voice to communicate – using for example words, objects, photographs, pictures, symbols, body language.

Our School Councils, elected by pupils, provide a platform for pupil-voice and for actively contributing to school and community life.

We empower pupils by giving them opportunities to make choices across the curriculum.

Rule of Law

School rules are displayed and promoted throughout the school.

Regular trips promote an understanding of rules in the community e.g. heeding traffic signs.

We help pupils to manage their behaviour and to take responsibility for their actions.

Pupils are taught to respect one another’s property and rights.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We promote an exploration of pupils’ own and others’ cultures and religions through the curriculum, assemblies, special events and visits to local cultural/religious buildings.

Pupils interact with a range of people and develop mutual respect through turn-taking, team work and listening to others’ opinions.

Individual Liberty

We use varied communication systems to enable a personalised approach.

We have a curriculum that promotes choice in learning activities and future pathways.

We have a curriculum that develops personal and independent skills.

We focus on a ‘can-do’ attitude to learning where everyone can achieve.