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Uffculme - C19 & Vulnerable Students

To enable the right students to attend school during this lockdown, we share this definition with parents and carers

All pupils at Uffculme School are considered to be vulnerable because they have special educational needs and have an EHCP. However, that does not mean that a pupil should be in school during this period of COVID restriction. We have adopted the principle that ‘if a pupil is safe at home, then they should stay at home’.

A ‘vulnerable’ student at Uffculme School is a student for whom we have significant concerns. This includes safeguarding concerns, looked after children, mental health needs, having a social worker, challenging behaviour at home including being violent, domestic violence or the student is considered safer in school compared to home. Some students that are vulnerable may be safer at home than in school due to health needs, this will be agreed with parents/carers and other agencies.

Students can move up or down the scale if there is a change in circumstance. We review this on a weekly basis through Wellbeing calls with parents and carers. These calls and further decisions may involve third parties; eg social care.


If you have any concerns or queries with this definition, please email the Headteacher at